First Repaint... Dracleo

Yes that name is sooo lame... but this is my first go at repainting a Monster High doll. Over 10 years ago I used to customize Gene Dolls but its been a long time! Monster High is considerably smaller than Gene was... but I think the heads might be fairly close to the same size. MH Dolls have big ole' heads!

So this gal started out as a "Dawn of the Dance" Cleo. She had SERIOUS helmet hair... no I'm not joking. I think they used about 40 oz. of hair gel on her at the factory and it was hard as a rock. So she got a shampoo and a new face. I also cut the hair... it still needs to be a bit shorter. I want a 20's Flapper look to her.

The painting is ok, a little wobbly but I just need to get used to drawing/painting without a computer... *shudder*. Its also a little thick... I don't know how people paint on dolls & vinyl toys and get it to look so smooth!! But I got some paint "retardant" which is supposed to slow the drying time of acrylics so it doesn't get to heavy. We'll see if that helps on my next try.

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  1. Your blog is great. They get the flat effect on the eyes by using an airbrush. You can use stencils, frisket and liquid frisket to mask what you don't want painted.
    I prefer a regular small brush. The added thickness adds dimension that I like- as long as it is smooth. Slo-Dri alows you to get that effect :)
    Thank You for sharing your adventures.