Freshly decapitated dolls heads!

Pulling heads off of dolls is rather therapeutic... though I'm sure the professional head shrinkers would say I have "issues" that need to be addressed. This is cheaper... LOL!
It takes a while to get all the hair out... I sat through Footloose (the original. I can't believe they are re-making it. Hollywood should be shot!) and a Scooby-Doo cartoon movie and 2 Buffy episodes. Re-rooting doll hair is not a quick process....

So once all the hair was removed I found the factory rooting made some pretty big holes in the doll heads. Draculaura was the worst...

 I remembered reading about melting holes in vinyl with a hot glue gun (minus the glue) so I gave it a shot. It only melts the surface together, it doesn't melt all the way through... but I think it will help a bit when I start putting hair back in. I'll keep you posted!

If you try this.. be super careful!! You don't want to burn bigger holes in your dolls head. Especially after spending hours getting that darn hair out!

After removing all the hair and fixing the holes its time to prep the head for rerooting. I mixed up paint getting as close to the hair color that I'm using for their rerooting. You don't have to do this, but I like to... so you won't see the vinyl color through the hair.

Next step is hours upon hours of punching hair strands into the heads. This could take weeks... so stay tuned! :D

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