Going on a short Hiatus...

... so all my diabolical Monster High customizing plans are being put on hold for a while.

I am relocating to New York City so I'm cleaning, sorting, trashing and packing for the next couple weeks... then I'll be cleaning, unpacking and organizing my new life on the other side of the country! Since it will be winter time when I arrive in the Big Apple I'm sure I'll have lots of time hiding from the snow indoors to work on doll stuff once I'm settled in. :)

So I leave you with this little guy, the last thing I was able to finish before starting to pack everything up... his name is "Mello" and he is Gia Gamory's pet camel. He is a Littlest Pet Shop toy... it really bugged me that his body doesn't match the head so I tried to make sense of it by adding the darker pink to his legs. I ran out of acrylic varnish to seal everything though... so I hope he makes the trip to New York without any of his new paint getting chipped!

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