Ok I lied...

... so I do have something else to post before heading to NYC!

I started this pattern ages ago... finally took my messy scratchy pattern pieces and traced them into something people can print. I haven't had time to print it myself and make a dress from the pattern (to make sure nothing was lost in translation). So if you make this use scrap fabric for your first try... in case something needs to be adjusted.

My first go at the original drawing of pattern is below. You can see I added some ribbon details to the super basic pattern to make it a halter. So don't be shy... play around with it! :)

OH!! I found the new Toralei doll at Toys 'r Us yesterday! I couldn't believe it... I beat the Ebay scalpers!! Take that you jerks! :P



  1. Lucky!!!I still hunt for Toralei, waiting for the Abby I won on eBay...I mean Santa won on eBay to get here

  2. You should check Toys 'r Us... I heard several people in NJ found Toralei there within the past couple days.

  3. Stitched up your pattern tonight - It. Is. Awesome. I love it ! In less than a half-hour, I had a simple, but extremely well-fitted dress I can customize in a few thousand ways. I can't thank you enough for the pattern, and can't wait to sew it up again and again. I posted the link everywhere I could think of, especially under my version of it. It's fang-tastic, and I hope you have as great a day as you've made mine !